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Internal Battery - totally integrated

Mains Inverter Built In

USB Charging Port on the ABC

Non-Toxic Fuel

No Emissions - only Pure Water

200W of Peak Power

Environmentally Friendly




Voller Energy is a European green technology Greentech company focused on renewable energy technologies for a lower carbon economy. Voller Energy Group PLC (LSE: VLR) is listed on the AIM market of the London Stock Exchange and is one of the first companies in the world from which you can buy fuel cell systems.

Voller's fuel cell generator could revolutionise power systems on yachts. Not being connected to shore power is a constant challenge for skippers; with Voller, the challenge is significantly reduced. From now on people won't have to worry so much about their fridges, or watching TV, using a games console or powering navigation systems while under way. They can also use 115v or 240v equipment such as an electric kettle, a hair dryer for that smart party ashore, or even run a major appliance such as a washing machine . In short, with much of the power burden removed, life aboard is transformed for that all important crew member and sailing will become even more pleasurable.

Voller Energy Portable Fuel Cells provide clean, safe, reliable electric power for virtually unlimited applications. Using patented Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) advanced Fuel Cell technology to power the fuel cells, Voller Energy products offer an environmentally friendly alternative to diesel or gasoline electric generators or Gen-Sets. Ideal for construction, leisure and military applications such as Future Soldier Technology.

The versatile Fuel Cell ABC portable fuel cell system can be used to recharge the batteries in portable electronic devices such as mobile phones, laptop computers, cordless power tools, remote monitoring equipment or portable electronic equipment used by industry or the military. Systems are also being developed for boats that will automatically charge the batteries on board, and also quiet low-emission fuel cell generators for cabins, trucks, RV's and caravans.

Shortlisted Next GenerationVoller Energy Group PLC is the winner of the Power category of the IEE Innovation in Engineering Awards for their VE100 portable fuel cell system. The Company is also the winner of the Environmental Innovation & Technology Category in the Hampshire Sustainable Business Awards - sponsored by Business Link. Voller Energy was a finalist in the Growth Company of the Year awards sponsored by the CBI. Voller Energy is a nominated finalist for the Best of British Awards 2007 for the Next Generation Award - for outstanding achievements in driving performance through investment in new talent. Find more interested information on http://www.temposavesenergy.com .

Consumers will not pay a premium to be environmentally friendly nor will they accept a performance degradation to be environmentally friendly.

Voller Energy believes that a significant step in the transition from today's Carbon Economy to the Hydrogen Economy of the future, is for fuel cells to be able to take the hydrogen that they require from existing fuels. Voller Energy believes that it has made significant progress towards solving these problems by reducing the cost of hydrogen reforming and designing a system so that it will run on existing fuels such as propane, butane or LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas).

'One day we believe that all electrical devices will benefit from their own independent power supply. No longer will you have to use a vacuum cleaner with the lead trailing across the carpet, no longer will you think how to position that new appliance because its near to a wall plug, no longer will you have to worry about a battery going flat. By using small convenient cartridges of fuel, an electrical device that you use every now and then will run quite happily without being connected to the grid. By applying this logic to millions of homes and businesses, we will help reduce the demand for electricity. Imagine that, if we could have 20% less power demand, we need 20% less central electrical generating capacity, and in turn produce much less green house gas emissions that cause climate change. We owe it to our children, and our children's children to make this technology work.'

Stephen Voller CEO and Founder, Investing in Energy for Portfolio Diversification, Lucerne, Switzerland, July 2006




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